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    The concept of art hinges on the expression of ones own desires and the ability for us to visualize what is appealing to our sense of comfort. Art varies from perception and is taken in with a difference in expression. To keep in mind that perception changes over time, we question our thoughts on what we think is desirable. Although the real questions still remains... What is desire? What truly signifies what we perceive as appealing? With this portfolio "I intend" to answer these questions. I have created what I call a chef d'oeuvre (masterpiece).

    Intention is one of my current works based solely on the perception of the concept "desire". Desire is an impulse and so is the concept of art. My conation with this portfolio is to bring out the hidden desires and activities an individual endeavours' to do but is unable. An individuals intention is their first perception, not to be hidden or reconsidered. In spite of the fact that this portfolio will most likely change your view point on what you intentionally desire, I will still place the notion of the idea of perception which is what ever you see you shall either enjoy or detest.