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Who is Zarion Uti? 

Here's all you need to know about the 18 year old Afrosoul singer. 


          Zarion Uti tells us about his days in a boy band, living in the studio, why he chose to go off the scene in 2016, and how ready he is get his music out there this year with his new singles and forth coming EP. 

           Nwokocha Daniel (Zarion Uti) hails from the eastern part of Nigeria, Rocking thick black dreadlocks and a bomber jacket. He's clearly almost as interested in "The Way" he looks as the "The Way" he sounds. Zarion is set to debut he's new sound but judging from how he explains it. We will categories it as a mixture of Afrobeat, R&B and soul music. Zarion learned to incorporate the slick stylings of smooth R&B into he's singing, he's also capable of laying down some bars that will fascinate he's city's top guys. Zarion's sound was influenced by he's favorite artistes whom as he said, are one of the major reasons he decided to make music in the first place. Artistes such as Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, R. Kelly, & Chris brown. "These people made me want to do more than just listen to music" says the 18 year old visionary. 

Well, we have gotten to know about who Zarion Uti is today. Was he always a solo artiste?  Tell us about the boy band. 


I was part of a boy band called "South City" I gained early attention with my catchy hooks. We were the spark of high school music at that time. "Flexin" was one of our major songs. It's crazy how all we wanted to do was rap and perform at other high schools, I mean that gave us all the joy we needed. Till we all started growing and saw a greater vision ahead.



Does this boy band still exist? 


Yes, it's still very much alive infact. We all just focusing on our solo careers and working towards being the best we can be as artistes. 



Okay, at what point did you decide to take this music seriously and how did always being in the studio influence your music? 

I think I decided to take the music seriously when I got out of high school and was faced with a lot of crucial decisions. I immediately started working on this new sound I'm about to unveil. I made a lot of songs, the people will only get to hear a few till I release my project. And yeah, always being in the  studio played a major role in my constant improvement because I was free to try out new things and experiment various vocal effects people always overlook. 


We were all mind blown at your "The Way" single. How were the responses are you debuted it? 


It's been crazy honestly. I literally wake up to new SoundCloud likes, reposts and emails making remarks on the single and sometime on some projects I debuted earlier. So yeah it's been all love. I'm so grateful 



Hmm, sounds massive. How far exactly has this single gone, give us figures?


Um it's only been a month since release but we are currently on 13,900 streams, and above 300 likes. It's not platinum but for someone who never got 5k in over a year I am very proud and happy that people are finally getting to discover my music. 



Congratulations. What do you plan on putting out next though? The second single signifies a lot you know that. 


Um I got a couple projects I've been working on. They are all amazing so I've been finding it hard to pick which exactly to release but I think I've made up my mind. I debut something new very very soon. 


Care to shed more like on this new single? 


Um sure. It's titled "Sweet Annabelle" and it was produced by Namshel. The guy behind "The Way". I respect him so much and you'll be hearing a lot from us both this year. 



Hmm sounds interesting. You're not currently working towards any collaborations? 


Um, I actually am. I've actually done a few and I'm still working on more but putting my name and brand out there is the current project so I'm working on that. I've made music with a couple main stream artistes and a couple from the underground who are making waves just like myself. 




I'd rather have you wait and wonder. Not for too long though. Believe me the wait won't be too long. 

 Alright Zarion Uti! Goodluck with everything this year, we look forward to seeing you on those charts. 


Haha it's all about timing. Thank you, means a lot. 

Click here to listen to 'The Way" by Zarion

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