Jefferson Agbebaku also known as Uadamen, is born in Lagos Nigeria but now based in Canada. Jefferson graduated with a degree in Business Economics and currently works on various business projects while focusing on his music. He is very fond of purple, navy, and burgundy, and enjoys incorporating it in his clothing. His style of music is Dancehall, R&B, Soul, and rap. He is well rounded and flows with whatever comes his way. He is also a lover of Anime and Art and focuses on that when he is not making music.

  Uadamen's sound is influenced by his surroundings and "the vibes." He tries to be abreast with everything so he has a high range with his music. He tries not to stick to a particular genre so he can jump at any opportunity that comes his way. Music has been a major influence in his life since he was 8 years but officially decided to pursue it in 2014. The highlight of his career has been meeting people that have encouraged and pushed him to be a better artist. His target is to grow his fan base, and work with major music groups like Major Lazer.

  As a creative artist who incorporates various genres in his music. He says, "Music should be sound that pleases the ear, it doesn't matter what you call it, what should matter is how you feel when you listen to it." His creativity and love for music expand his reach of pleasing his listener's ear. From, rap to soul, he strives to bring entertainment to life and for his listeners to visualize his music.






     'Like That' is the official first release by Uadamen. The track was recorded and produced in Edmonton, AB (Canada)  by 'Slugworth'. The track was completed as a freestyle by Uadamen, who explained that the song focuses on 'self-confidence' and 'recognition'. As a freestyle, the tone of his voice changed dramatically from the first verse to the second, which makes most people think it's a different artist at that point. 

     Uadamen claims that he plans on re-recording the track, but "this time adjusting the vocals" and making the track "more official". He also says that he plans on releasing a video that will work well with the track. 

The idea of Act a Fool is the emphasis of miscommunication in relationships. When both individuals have a deep feeling of love for each other but do not seem to truly understand each other. Act a Fool dives into changing perspective in an empathetic manner with the use of English and Spanish.