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All Fly Studios aims to bring the beauty of entertainment to reality through various creative methods. With involvement in most fields of entertainment we strive to bring the best products for our viewers and customers. 


Presently the studio is divided into four parts:

  • Uadamen by All Fly

  • All Fly Photography

  • All Fly Productions

  • All Fly Records


Uadamen by All Fly is a fashion industry developed and maintained under the All Fly studios. It's designers outline various ideas that suit the evolving world. From constructing jackets to fabricating underwear with quality materials and standard fit to the consumers.  We aim to give the best comfort and style that best fits our consumers lifestyle, through our various collections which continue to grow, we provide enough selection for our consumers to enjoy.


All Fly Photography is our photography based section which involves the interpretation of society and individuals through pictures. We create different portfolios to grasp a wide range of ideas, from the interpretation of happiness to the struggle and pain in the world. Aside, we cover events per our customers request. Although, we are currently only accepting requests from Canada.


All Fly Productions is our video production section which involves in illustrating short films and videos written by our very talented script writers and produced/directed by our experienced professionals. We also cover activities done by the fashion sector (Uadamen by All Fly) like promotional videos and behind the scene coverage. Aside, we cover events per our customers request.


All Fly Records is our recording section which involves  the production and distribution of songs by artists signed under the All Fly Records Label . Aside, we help our customers release/distribute their music on streaming sites such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Shazaam, Spotify, Xbox Music, YouTube and many more. We also create album artworks per request from customers.


Designing and manufacturing apparel and clothing accessories.


Taking and editing pictures for commercial and showcase purposes. 


Writing, shooting and editing videos for entertainment purposes.


Recording and distributing music for signed artists.

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