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Donna Bella - Responsibility

La grazia di una donna

What is Beauty? Donna Bella is an explorative project of discovering what it means to be graceful. Each painting strives to illustrates in a simplistic and convivial way, the charm and magnificence of the Afrocentric female. With the focus of each painting being the "Afro", Donna Bella hopes to convey relatable topics in recognizing the beauty in Afrocentric features, with hopes to empower women of Afro-backgrounds. The collection explores the fact that women of Afro-backgrounds come in all shades and features. Donna Bella has a literal translation from Italian, 'Beautiful Woman'.
Each artwork is paired with a poem that is airdropped to collectors.

Current Quantity: 99

100 Main Versions, and 11 Alternate Versions will be made


Current Floor Price: 0.025 Ξ

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Día De Los Bella

Donna Bella - Let Them Leave

Let Them Leave