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Donna Bella - The Sold Collection

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Le Poesie Aprono le Porte del Cuore

The sold collection is a collection of unique poems referencing the main artworks of the Donna Bella collection. Each poem is an NFT that is airdropped to the first collectors of a Donna Bella.
This means that only the first collector receives this NFT.

Similar to the main collection, 100 poems are paired with the main Donna Bella, and 11 short stories are paired to the Alternate Donna Bella.
Each poems emphasizes various topics such as love, pain, sadness, intimacy, confidence, pride, respect, life, and so on.
This collection is made for two purposes:
1.) To give the collectors an in-depth feeling of the artwork.
2.) To serve as a receipt/token for future utilities provided by All Fly Studios.

48 of 111

Donna Bella Purchase Card- Caught by an Angel.jpg
Donna Bella Purchase Card - The Strength of an Angel.jpg
Donna Bella Purchase Card - Bubble Gum Girl.jpg
Donna Bella Purchase Card -I Don't See You.jpg
Donna Bella Purchase Card - Don't Test Me.jpg
Donna Bella Purchase Card -The Queen of Suns.jpg
Donna Bella Purchase Card - The Charmer.jpg
Donna Bella Purchase Card - Sexy and Stil....jpg
Donna Bella Purchase Card - The Breathe I Breathe.jpg
Donna Bella Purchase Card - Princess.jpg
Donna Bella Purchase Card - We Loved in Venice.jpg
Donna Bella Purchase Card.jpg
Donna Bella Purchase Card - I am Ethereal.jpg
Donna Bella Purchase Card - Feeling Good.jpg
Donna Bella Purchase Card - An Angel To Be Seen.jpg
Donna-Bella-Purchase-Card Blessed Angel.gif
Donna Bella Purchase Card - Classy Girl.jpg
Donna-Bella-Purchase-Card - le,on girl.gif
Donna-Bella-Purchase-Card-Twitter copy.gif
Grey Beauty Giveaway Card.jpg
Donna-Bella-Purchase-Card-twitter copy 6.gif
Donna-Bella-Purchase-Card-twitter copy 4.gif
Pick One.gif
The Girl with the Insect Tattoo.gif
Where Has The Time Gone.gif
Cool Like Me
Donna Bella Purchase Card - The marks of my tribe.jpg
The Lady with Confidence.jpg
Love Comes When you Need It
My Love
Money Is Not A Problem
Une Bonne Femme
Elegantemente Bella Poem.jpg
A Face For Today Poem
Pierce Me
Blue is Blue
Caution With the Wind.jpg
Nothing Can Hurt Me.jpg
The Lady with the Braids
I'm Every Bit Saucy

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