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Jun 16, 2017

"Rumpled Thoughts"


This image is a sample for the portfolio "The Golden Truth". The portfolio's basis is to grasp the creativity of expressing emotion. We intend to explore sadness, jealousy, joy, anger, pain, and many more emotions that is possible to portray as a human.

We will like to see multiple perspectives that can be gotten from viewing this image.

Model : Gulzaib Fida

Photographer: Uadamen

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  • Uadamen
    Jun 16, 2017

    This image displays two subjects, one clearly visible than the other. The photographer's intention is to portray a visually satisfying image with the use of light filters. The title of this image is "Smoke to Caution"; what do you think this means? What is your perspective on this image? Models: Wolé Akinosi & Tega Egona Photographer: Uadamen