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     The concept of art is based on an individuals aesthetic principles; thus, the concept of beauty. As an artist it is necessary to base your works solely on your own perception of things. Being an artistic philosopher opens the minds of your viewers as well as yourself. I regard myself as an intelligible photographer. I combine my love for the art with my knowledge and philosophical viewpoint to create a chef d'oeuvre (masterpiece).

    This is the recreation of the original Grace Portfolio. Similarly, it is based on the perception of female beauty; avoiding the use of nudity or anything pertaining to sensual pleasure. Each picture is set in the studio and neutral backgrounds (black or white) are used; in order to describe the focus and individuality of the models' beauty. My intention is to illustrate all manner of creativity unto this project; defining all images from an artistic point of view. 

- Uadamen


Graphic Book

This graphic book is an addition to the Grace Portfolio. It includes extra images [not in the portfolio], poems, stories and other visuals. It also includes a special page with detailed writing about the photographer's perception of beauty and what led him to make this portfolio.

Not available for public view at the moment.


To see old version of grace, click image

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