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Zarion Uti is set to take his listeners on a Tropical Journey with new single “Finito” featuring AYLØ. 

Following the release of Debut EP “Zaradise”, Zarion Uti is set to take his listeners on a Tropical journey with new single “Finito” which features energetic vocalist AYLØ.  He summed up over 200,000 streams online from all releases last year so it’s impossible to say he’s shooting for any less this year. Zarion Uti blessed us with the privilege of listening to the record and honestly speaking, we were short of words because his previously released singles such as “Life Of The Party” & “Wambi” just to mention a few, were impressive but Finito is beyond that. It’s genuine proof that he is taking his time to do better in every aspect of his craft. The record includes a diligent and groovy performance by AYLØ who’s gained recognition  both locally & internationally from records like Gardens, Island girl, Odunsi’s Situationship & many others.

Zarion Uti late last year mentioned that he will be focused on collaborating with young talents such as himself in 2018 so we are positive that there are a lot others to come. The new single “Finito” is set to premier on the 15th of February so we urge you all to be on the look out.
In the meantime you could listen to his EP “ZARADISE” on SoundCloud, also available on Apple Music, Spotify & all other stores worldwide.


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